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Stock Transport Company Driver Application Information Page

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Navigating the Sign In/Register Page

When accessing our application page you are either a "New Applicant" or a "Returning User". Returning users are allowed to modify a saved but unsubmitted application.

If accessing the page for the first time, you are a New Appliant and must:

1. Enter an email address and password to register for an account. When returning later, the login information will be the email and password supplied during registration.
2. Click New User to complete registration.

If accessing the page after registering, you are a Returning User:

1. Enter the email and password used to register in each field.
2. Click Login to view a completed application or make changes to an application not yet submitted.
If necessary, you can leave your application incomplete and return using the email address and password with which they registered.  Incomplete applications will be stored for thirty (30) days.

Once an application is complete, you can sign in using the email address and password you used to register to view the application only; applications cannot be altered once the application is submitted.

Use the Forgot Password button in order to retrieve a lost or forgotten password.

How to Complete the Application

The application is divided into the following sections:

1. Personal Information

    •     -Name
    •     -Address
    •     -Telephone
    •     -Social Security Number
    •     -Employment Eligibility
    •     -Owned Equipment

2. Employment History

    •     -Previous Employers (Position, Salary and Reasons for Leaving)

3. License and Experience

    •     -Suspensions
    •     -Felony Convictions
    •     -Drug or Alcohol Test Failures
    •     -Equipment Experience

4. Accidents and Violations within the past three years

5. Education and Training

    •     -Education
    •     -Military Service
    •     -Personal or Business References
    •     -Any Additional Experience or Special Accomplishments

Once this information is provided, you are given the option to upload any scans or document images such as Commercial Licenses, physicals or any documents you wish to accompany the application.

Finally, with the application completed and any additional documentation uploaded, you will be asked to electronically sign and submit your application.


    •     -Once your application is submitted, no other changes may be made to the application
    •     -You will be given an opportunity to print a copy of the submitted application
    •     -You will be able to sign in at a later time to view the submitted application

You may begin or return to your application here.